Commit 2dc4f9ad authored by Cody Messick's avatar Cody Messick

itacac: Fix thinko in assert

parent 64ff2007
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......@@ -963,7 +963,12 @@ static GstFlowReturn process(GSTLALItacac *itacac) {
// trigger window, thus we know there must be a gap sample after these, and can ditch them, though we
// need to make sure we aren't flushing any samples from the next trigger window
g_assert(availablesamps > nongapsamps || itacacpad->EOS);
g_assert(itacacpad->samples_available_for_padding == 0);
// We must either be just starting up or have just come off a gap. In the former case, we'll be at the
// start of the trigger window and have no samples for padding from the previous trigger window; in
// the latter case, we'll either be at the start of the trigger window with some samples available for
// padding from the previous window or we'll be in the middle of the trigger window and have no
// samples available for padding
g_assert(itacacpad->samples_available_for_padding == 0 || samples_left_in_window == itacacpad->n);
outsamps = nongapsamps > samples_left_in_window ? samples_left_in_window : nongapsamps;
gst_audioadapter_flush_samples(itacacpad->adapter, outsamps);
samples_left_in_window -= outsamps;
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