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Commit 4f9be102 authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna

Add makefile to split banks

parent ba2e870f
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all : bns_hyper.xml.gz nsbh_hyper.xml.gz bbh_hyper.xml.gz imbh_hyper.xml.gz
sqlite3 bns_hyper.sqlite "SELECT count(*) FROM sngl_inspiral;"
sqlite3 nsbh_hyper.sqlite "SELECT count(*) FROM sngl_inspiral;"
sqlite3 bbh_hyper.sqlite "SELECT count(*) FROM sngl_inspiral;"
sqlite3 imbh_hyper.sqlite "SELECT count(*) FROM sngl_inspiral;"
sqlite3 gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite "SELECT count(*) FROM sngl_inspiral;"
gstlal_hyperbank.xml.gz :
gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite : gstlal_hyperbank.xml.gz
ligolw_sqlite -d $@ -v gstlal_hyperbank.xml.gz
bns_hyper.xml.gz : gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite
cp gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite bns_hyper.sqlite
sqlite3 bns_hyper.sqlite "DELETE FROM sngl_inspiral WHERE mass1 >= 2.0 or mass2 >= 2.0;"
ligolw_sqlite -d bns_hyper.sqlite -v -x $@
nsbh_hyper.xml.gz : gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite
cp gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite nsbh_hyper.sqlite
sqlite3 nsbh_hyper.sqlite "DELETE FROM sngl_inspiral WHERE NOT (mass1 >= 2.0 and mass2 < 2.0);"
ligolw_sqlite -d nsbh_hyper.sqlite -v -x $@
bbh_hyper.xml.gz : gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite
cp gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite bbh_hyper.sqlite
sqlite3 bbh_hyper.sqlite "DELETE FROM sngl_inspiral WHERE NOT(mass1 >=2.0 and mass2 >=2.0 and (mass1 + mass2 < 100));"
ligolw_sqlite -d bbh_hyper.sqlite -v -x $@
imbh_hyper.xml.gz : gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite
cp gstlal_hyperbank.sqlite imbh_hyper.sqlite
sqlite3 imbh_hyper.sqlite "DELETE FROM sngl_inspiral WHERE NOT(mass1 >=2.0 and mass2 >=2.0 and (mass1 + mass2 > 100));"
ligolw_sqlite -d imbh_hyper.sqlite -v -x $@
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