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Commit 5c1eeeb6 authored by Ryan Michael Magee's avatar Ryan Michael Magee enabled multiple dtdphi pdf capabilities. Bug fixes.

parent aab70042
......@@ -1639,8 +1639,8 @@ class p_of_instruments_given_horizons(object):
# histogram to just be the value in the last(first)
# bin, so we track those center values here in order to
# decide if something should be clipped.
self.first_center = histograms.values()[0].centres()[0][0]
self.last_center = histograms.values()[0].centres()[0][-1]
self.first_center = self.histograms.values()[0].centres()[0][0]
self.last_center = self.histograms.values()[0].centres()[0][-1]
# Otherwise we need to initialize these ourselves, which can be pretty slow.
# We reuse the function in TimePhaseSNR to get
......@@ -1909,7 +1909,6 @@ class InspiralExtrinsics(object):
* :py:class:`TimePhaseSNR`
* :py:class:`p_of_instruments_given_horizons`
time_phase_snr = TimePhaseSNR.from_hdf5(os.path.join(gstlal_config_paths["pkgdatadir"], "inspiral_dtdphi_pdf.h5"))
p_of_ifos = {}
# FIXME add Kagra
p_of_ifos[("H1", "L1", "V1",)] = p_of_instruments_given_horizons.from_hdf5(os.path.join(gstlal_config_paths["pkgdatadir"], "H1L1V1_p_of_instruments_given_H_d.h5"))
......@@ -1917,7 +1916,7 @@ class InspiralExtrinsics(object):
p_of_ifos[("H1", "V1",)] = p_of_instruments_given_horizons.from_hdf5(os.path.join(gstlal_config_paths["pkgdatadir"], "H1V1_p_of_instruments_given_H_d.h5"))
p_of_ifos[("L1", "V1",)] = p_of_instruments_given_horizons.from_hdf5(os.path.join(gstlal_config_paths["pkgdatadir"], "L1V1_p_of_instruments_given_H_d.h5"))
def __init__(self, min_instruments = 1):
def __init__(self, min_instruments = 1, filename = None):
# NOTE every instance will repeat this min_instruments
# normalization. Therefore different min_instruments are not
......@@ -1936,6 +1935,11 @@ class InspiralExtrinsics(object):
for combo in pofI.histograms:
pofI.histograms[combo].array /= total
if filename is not None:
self.time_phase_snr = TimePhaseSNR.from_hdf5(filename)
self.time_phase_snr = TimePhaseSNR.from_hdf5(os.path.join(gstlal_config_paths["pkgdatadir"], "inspiral_dtdphi_pdf.h5"))
def p_of_instruments_given_horizons(self, instruments, horizons):
horizons = dict((k,v) for k,v in horizons.items() if v != 0)
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