Commit 64a302c7 authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna

merge ugly TODO

parent 47c4365a
Development TODO in no particular order:
* Verify that all elements support discontinuities.
* Verify that all elements support gaps.
Plugins/elements to hand over to GStreamer
* ``lal_gate`` element
* ``lal_reblock`` element
* ``lal_adder`` element: make the stock ``adder`` synchronous, or figure out how to use it
* ``lal_firbank`` element
* ``lal_matrixmixer`` element
* ``lal_nxydump`` element
Streaming with gstreamer
* Figure out how to do live streaming thru web (pcdev1 or ATLAS) of a OmegaGram movie
Immediate development tasks in no particular order
* understand range discrepancy
* add to the gstlal summary page
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