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Commit 73717893 authored by Surabhi Sachdev's avatar Surabhi Sachdev

gstlal_inspiral_pipe: changes to make injection only dag work after the mass model was added

parent c425fec2
Pipeline #67493 passed with stages
in 30 minutes and 48 seconds
......@@ -509,7 +509,7 @@ def rank_and_merge(dag, createPriorDistStatsJob, calcRankPDFsJob, calcRankPDFsWi
# mass bin dependent prior, but it really doesn't matter for
# the time being.
priornode = dagparts.DAGNode(createPriorDistStatsJob, dag,
parent_nodes = [one_ifo_svd_nodes[n]] + mass_model_add_node,
parent_nodes = [one_ifo_svd_nodes[n]] + mass_model_add_node or [],
opts = {"instrument":instrument_set, "background-prior":10000, "min-instruments":options.min_instruments, "df": "bandwidth"},
input_files = {"svd-file":one_ifo_svd_nodes[n].output_files["write-svd"], "mass-model-file":mass_model_file, "psd-xml": ref_psd},
output_files = {"write-likelihood":dagparts.T050017_filename(instruments, '%04d_CREATE_PRIOR_DIST_STATS' % (n,), boundary_seg, '.xml.gz', path = createPriorDistStatsJob.output_path)}
......@@ -1446,6 +1446,10 @@ if options.bank_cache:
svd_nodes, template_mchirp_dict = svd_node_gen(svdJob, dag, ref_psd_parent_nodes, ref_psd, bank_cache, options, boundary_seg, template_mchirp_dict)
model_add_node, model_file_name = model_node_gen(modelJob, dag, ref_psd_parent_nodes, instruments, options, boundary_seg, options.template_bank, ref_psd)
model_add_node = None
model_file_name = options.mass_model_file
if not options.lloid_cache:
# Inspiral jobs by segment
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