Commit 9da8b4aa authored by Patrick Godwin's avatar Patrick Godwin

gstlal_play: missing parenthesis in conditional was causing issue with sanity check in options

parent 511216fa
Pipeline #84312 passed with stages
in 53 minutes and 50 seconds
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ def parse_command_line():
if options.low_pass_filter <= options.high_pass_filter:
raise ValueError("--low-pass-filter must be > --high-pass-filter")
if options.reference_psd or options.veto_segments_file and not options.whiten:
if (options.reference_psd or options.veto_segments_file) and not options.whiten:
raise ValueError("--reference-psd and --veto-segments-file requires --whiten")
if len(options.channel_name) > 1:
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