Commit a252a3fa authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna

TODO: development todo list

parent 4fc5bca2
Development TODO in no particular order:
* sub-sample interpolation of triggers (done 2013-06-06)
* understand range discrepancy
* add to the gstlal summary page
* population statement plot
* plots showing likelihood distributions and background pdfs, etc.
* histograms for injection accuracy
* make offline pipeline more i/o and cluster friendly. Try to get it do do something sane on 1 core??
* add data pre-staging and serial processing of banks
* block diagonal matrix support to reduce number of threads
* fix known gstreamer bugs: small gaps crash resampler, audiofirfilter
has "timestamp" bugs (?), funnel won't work in time-ordered mode, ...
* fix known gstlal bugs: compute strain in ER3 revealed bugs in
something, can't remember what, has fallen off radar.
* framecpp demuxer and muxer cannot decode/encode gaps using "DataValid"
bit vector stream. figure out how and fix. (probably required to
implement offline pipeline's data staging, maybe not)
* framecpp demuxer and muxer cannot decode/encode FrHistory objects.
figure out how and fix. (will be required for calibration work, not
required for inspiral search)
* finish turning the appropriate bits of the Data class into a pipeline
handler, and get the input and output segments recorded correctly
* fix service discovery to allow more than one job to be running on the
same computer and remove need for URL dump files to be exchanged via
* complete port to swig bindings (long term, divest ourselves of pylal).
* separate likelihood code from burst pipelines.
* fix the numerator in the likelihood ratio ranking statistic to account
for inter-instrument correlations in signal parameters (my student's
work on implementing the rate estimation code might have turned up some
code that'll do a good brute-force job of this).
* switch online code to framexmitsrc
* review readiness: remove dead code, create tests for elements, create
validation tests for applications.
* incorporate rate estimation code into pipeline (have student working
on this)
* have offline dag split output across multiple directories (done 2013-06-06)
* give jobs human-readable names in dag
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