There will a brief, around 15 minute, outage of,, and tomorrow evening, Tuesday 15 October 2019, at 10pm CDT. This is due to some campus level network maintenance work that is being carried out.

Commit a33cefbc authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna Committed by Patrick Godwin Make the horizon history 1 day instead of 1 week for uploads.... Make the horizon history 1 day instead of 1 week for uploads.  This reduces file size to 5 MB which is highly desirable but also doesn't detract from e.g., making plots.
parent f29a2613
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......@@ -1284,8 +1284,8 @@ class Handler(simplehandler.Handler):
# empty horizon history
# keep the last week of history
endtime -= 86400. * 7
# keep the last day of history
endtime -= 86400. * 1
for history in rankingstat.numerator.horizon_history.values():
del history[:endtime]
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