Commit daeedd0d authored by Cody Messick's avatar Cody Messick Committed by Chad Hanna Fix bug causing time shift in subthreshold snr time series wen zero padding

parent 6e51447b
......@@ -671,15 +671,18 @@ class GracedBWrapper(object):
idxf = snr_time_series_array.shape[0]
snr_time_series_array = snr_time_series_array[idx0:idxf]
if snr_time_series_array.shape[0] != snr_length:
if idxf - idx0 != snr_length:
if idx0 == 0:
snr_time_series_array = numpy.append(snr_time_series_array, numpy.zeros(snr_length - snr_time_series_array.shape[0], dtype=snr_time_series_array.dtype))
# We know we don't have enough samples, since we started at the beginning of the available samples the zeros must need to be prepended
snr_time_series_array = numpy.concatenate((numpy.zeros(snr_length - (idxf - idx0), dtype=snr_time_series_array.dtype), snr_time_series_array[idx0:idxf]))
elif idxf != peak_idx + autocorrelation_length + 1:
snr_time_series_array = numpy.insert(snr_time_series_array, 0, numpy.zeros(snr_length - snr_time_series_array.shape[0], dtype=snr_time_series_array.dtype))
# We dont have enough samples, we need to append zeros
snr_time_series_array = numpy.concatenate((snr_time_series_array[idx0:idxf], numpy.zeros(snr_length - (idxf - idx0), dtype=snr_time_series_array.dtype)))
print >>sys.stderr, "unexpected conditional while making sub-threshold trigger for %s, skipping. idx0 = %d, idxf = %d" % (ifo, idx0, idxf)
snr_time_series_array = snr_time_series_array[idx0:idxf]
# FIXME Ugly
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