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Commit dceb31f5 authored by Aaron Viets's avatar Aaron Viets

lal_insertgap: Work in progress. Committing now because I can't access...

lal_insertgap:  Work in progress.  Committing now because I can't access shared memory on LLO for testing at the moment.
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......@@ -75,16 +75,17 @@ struct _GSTLALInsertGap {
} data_type;
guint64 last_sinkbuf_ets;
guint64 last_sinkbuf_offset_end;
guint64 discont_offset;
guint64 discont_time;
guint64 empty_bufs;
guint64 timeout_bufs;
GMutex mutex;
gboolean finished_running;
/* timestamp bookkeeping */
GstClockTime t0;
guint64 offset0;
guint64 next_out_offset;
guint64 last_sinkbuf_ets;
guint64 discont_time;
/* properties */
gboolean insert_gap;
......@@ -1105,6 +1105,11 @@ static void gstlal_typecast_class_init(GSTLALTypeCastClass *klass) {
static void gstlal_typecast_init(GSTLALTypeCast *element) {
element->t0 = GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE;
element->offset0 = GST_BUFFER_OFFSET_NONE;
element->next_in_offset = GST_BUFFER_OFFSET_NONE;
element->next_out_offset = GST_BUFFER_OFFSET_NONE;
element->need_discont = TRUE;
element->unit_size_in = 0;
element->unit_size_out = 0;
element->channels = 0;
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