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Commit dfddc5e7 authored by Leo Tsukada's avatar Leo Tsukada

gstlal_inspiral_compute_dtdphideff_cov_matrix: updated after implementing the...

gstlal_inspiral_compute_dtdphideff_cov_matrix: updated after implementing the correct covariacne matrix
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......@@ -82,8 +82,8 @@ for combo in itertools.combinations(("H1", "L1", "V1"), 2):
m22 = sigsqpp[a] + sigsqpp[b]
m12 = m21 = sigsqtp[a] + sigsqtp[b]
mat = numpy.array([[m11, m12], [m21, m22]])
matinv = numpy.linalg.inv(mat)
cholesky_transpose = numpy.linalg.cholesky(matinv).T
# matinv = numpy.linalg.inv(mat)
cholesky_transpose = numpy.linalg.cholesky(mat).T
transtt[frozenset(combo)] = cholesky_transpose[0,0]
transtp[frozenset(combo)] = cholesky_transpose[0,1]
transpt[frozenset(combo)] = cholesky_transpose[1,0]
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