Commit eb02816c authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna support other tables like sim_inspiral

parent 4c8a21f2
......@@ -121,9 +121,20 @@ def do_it_to(xmldoc):
# the table_name column
newrowtype = newtable.RowType
def newrow(row, coinc_id_ilwdcls = ilwdchar_tables["coinc_event"]["coinc_event_id"]):
# FIXME this is probably a dumb way to do this,
# but it shouldn't matter once we have no
# reason to convert back to ilwdchar
if "event_id" in ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name]:
event_id = ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name]["event_id"](row.event_id)
elif "simulation_id" in ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name]:
event_id = ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name]["simulation_id"](row.event_id)
elif "coinc_event_id" in ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name]:
event_id = ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name]["coinc_event_id"](row.event_id)
raise KeyError("event_id, simulation_id or coinc_event_id not in " + ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name])
return newrowtype(
table_name = row.table_name,
event_id = ilwdchar_tables[row.table_name]["event_id"](row.event_id),
event_id = event_id,
coinc_event_id = coinc_id_ilwdcls(row.coinc_event_id)
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