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Commit f29a2613 authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon Committed by Patrick Godwin

lloidhandler: reduce size of ranking stat to gracedb

- temporarily clip the horizon distance history to just the last week when
  uploading to gracedb.  this will be reverted when a more efficient
  encoding scheme can be found
parent 84e9a42e
......@@ -1259,7 +1259,7 @@ class Handler(simplehandler.Handler):
return outstr
def __get_rankingstat_xmldoc(self):
def __get_rankingstat_xmldoc(self, clipped = False):
# generate a ranking statistic output document. NOTE: if
# we are in possession of ranking statistic PDFs then those
# are included in the output. this allows a single
......@@ -1273,11 +1273,34 @@ class Handler(simplehandler.Handler):
xmldoc = ligolw.Document()
process = ligolw_process.register_to_xmldoc(xmldoc, u"gstlal_inspiral", paramdict = {}, ifos = self.rankingstat.instruments)
far.gen_likelihood_control_doc(xmldoc, self.rankingstat, self.rankingstatpdf)
# FIXME: don't do this. find a way to reduce the storage
# requirements of the horizon distance history and then go
# back to uploading the full file to gracedb
if clipped:
rankingstat = self.rankingstat.copy()
endtime = rankingstat.numerator.horizon_history.maxkey()
except ValueError:
# empty horizon history
# keep the last week of history
endtime -= 86400. * 7
for history in rankingstat.numerator.horizon_history.values():
del history[:endtime]
rankingstat = self.rankingstat
far.gen_likelihood_control_doc(xmldoc, rankingstat, self.rankingstatpdf)
return xmldoc
def __get_rankingstat_xmldoc_for_gracedb(self):
# FIXME: remove this wrapper when the horizon history
# encoding is replaced with something that uses less space
return self.__get_rankingstat_xmldoc(clipped = True)
def web_get_rankingstat(self):
with self.lock:
output = StringIO.StringIO()
......@@ -1337,7 +1360,7 @@ class Handler(simplehandler.Handler):
assert self.fapfar is not None
# do alerts
self.gracedbwrapper.do_alerts(last_coincs, self.psds, self.__get_rankingstat_xmldoc, self.segmentstracker.seglistdicts)
self.gracedbwrapper.do_alerts(last_coincs, self.psds, self.__get_rankingstat_xmldoc_for_gracedb, self.segmentstracker.seglistdicts)
def web_get_sngls_snr_threshold(self):
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