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Commit faca5bd9 authored by Chad Hanna's avatar Chad Hanna

update the function prototype for compute_p_astro to include the missing...

update the function prototype for compute_p_astro to include the missing rankingstatpdf and default values for mean_values_dict
parent 3e1a9c67
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......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ from ligo.lw import utils as ligolw_utils
from ligo.lw import lsctables
from ligo.segments import utils as segments_utils
from lal import rate
from gstlal.far import FAPFAR
import json
def p_astro_update(category, event_bayesfac_dict, mean_values_dict):
......@@ -293,7 +295,13 @@ def compute_p_astro(event_ln_likelihood_ratio,
mean_values_dict = {"counts_BNS": 2.11050326523,
"counts_NSBH": 1.56679410666,
"counts_BBH": 9.26042350393,
"counts_MassGap": 2.40800240248,
"counts_Terrestrial": 3923}
Task to compute `p_astro` by source category.
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