Commit 13ccae92 authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch
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Precompute cache when indices are decided

parent ffe7351d
......@@ -314,8 +314,6 @@ else:
if opts.method == 'statistical':
#catalog = gwcosmo.prior.catalog.galaxyCatalog(catalog_file=catalog_path,skymap=skymap,band=band,thresh=sky_area,Kcorr=Kcorr,nside=nside)
me = gwcosmo.gwcosmo.WholeSkyGalaxyCatalogLikelihood(catalog, skymap, band, cosmo, px_zH0, pdet.pD_zH0_eval, zprior, ps_z, p_M, ps_M, Kcorr=Kcorr, mth=mth, zcut=zcut, zmax=zmax,zuncert=zuncert, complete_catalog=complete_catalog, sky_thresh = opts.sky_area, nside=opts.nside)
if opts.method == 'pixel':
......@@ -329,10 +327,15 @@ else:
raise ValueError(f'Low resolution nside {nside_low_res} is higher than high resolution nside {nside}. Try decreasing min_pixels or increasing nside.')
if return_skymap_indices:
# Make the catalog cache file
if not catalog.read_pixel_index_cache(nside_low_res):
print(f'No pixel index found for nside {nside_low_res}, generating now.')
with open(outputfile+f'_indices.txt','w') as file:
file.write(f'nside: {nside_low_res}\n')
for i in pixelated_samples.indices:
# Select the coarse pixel from the skymap that we will use
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