Commit 3b38d5a4 authored by Christos Karathanasis's avatar Christos Karathanasis
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Update gwcosmo/

parent a0f94220
......@@ -1231,7 +1231,7 @@ class WholeSkyGalaxyCatalogLikelihood(GalaxyCatalogLikelihood):
print('Computing the in-catalogue part')
self.pxG, self.pDG = self.pxD_GH0_multi(H0, galz, galsigmaz, galm, galra,
galdec, galcolor, nfine=self.nfine,
galdec, color, nfine=self.nfine,
ncoarse=self.ncoarse, zcut=self.zcut)
if not self.complete_catalog:
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