Commit 87b79b6e authored by Riccardo Barbieri's avatar Riccardo Barbieri
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Merge branch 'schech_params_commandline' of...

Merge branch 'schech_params_commandline' of into schech_params_commandline
parents ad47ee68 de9d108e
......@@ -340,9 +340,11 @@ else:
if opts.method == 'statistical':
me = gwcosmo.gwcosmo.WholeSkyGalaxyCatalogLikelihood(catalog, skymap, band, sp, cosmo, px_zH0, pdet.pD_zH0_eval, zprior, ps_z, p_M, ps_M, Kcorr=Kcorr, mth=mth, zcut=zcut, zmax=zmax,zuncert=zuncert, complete_catalog=complete_catalog, sky_thresh = opts.sky_area, nside=opts.nside)
if opts.method == 'pixel':
min_pixels = int(opts.min_pixels)
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