Commit a7c4a634 authored by Christos Karathanasis's avatar Christos Karathanasis

Saving breakdown analysis

parent a709ea3c
......@@ -670,8 +670,8 @@ class gwcosmoLikelihood(object):
if counterpart_case == 'direct':
pxG = self.px_H0_counterpart(H0)
pD_H0 = self.pD_H0(H0)
likelihood = pxG/pD_H0 # Eq 6
self.pDG = self.pD_H0(H0)
likelihood = pxG/self.pDG # Eq 6
# The pencilbeam case is currently coded up along the line of sight of the counterpart
# For GW170817 the likelihood produced is identical to the 'direct' counterpart case
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