Commit 5a37bb8f authored by Chris Pankow's avatar Chris Pankow
Browse files handle tidal lambda properly

parent ed49e1b1
......@@ -109,6 +109,9 @@ class ChooseWaveformParams:
for k, p in ChooseWaveformParams._LAL_DICT_PARAMS.iteritems():
typfunc = ChooseWaveformParams._LAL_DICT_PTYPE[k]
typfunc(extra_params, k, getattr(self, p))
# Properly add tidal parammeters
lalsim.SimInspiralWaveformParamsInsertTidalLambda1(extra_params, self.lambda1)
lalsim.SimInspiralWaveformParamsInsertTidalLambda2(extra_params, self.lambda2)
return extra_params
def copy(self):
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