Commit d89e943b authored by Salvatore Vitale's avatar Salvatore Vitale
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Added LIV fixed params to known nonparams in mcmc downsample

parent e101e7d5
......@@ -5604,7 +5604,7 @@ def find_ndownsample(samples, nDownsample):
"time_mean", "time_maxl","sky_frame","psdscaleflag","logdeltaf","flow","f_ref",
"t0", "phase_maxl", "azimuth", "cosalpha", "lal_amporder"] + logParams + snrParams + splineParams
"t0", "phase_maxl", "azimuth", "cosalpha", "lal_amporder","liv_a_sign","nongr_alpha"] + logParams + snrParams + splineParams
fixedParams = [p for p in samples.colnames if all(x==samples[p][0] for x in samples[p])]
print "Fixed parameters: "+str(fixedParams)
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