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    Make "executable Python script" a shell wrapper which calls Python source file · 4db619b5
    Karl Wette authored
    - Avoid problem with #! line length limit, since #! no longer calls wrapper
    - Avoid problems with Python documentation and __future__ imports, since
      Python source file is not modified (except by possibly adding #! line)
    - Rename $(pybin_SCRIPTS) to $(pybin_scripts), since installation of Python
      scripts is now handled manually, not by Automake
    - If installing into the same exec_prefix as Python, install the Python source
      script with a #!$(PYTHON) line; otherwise, install a modified shell wrapper
      script in $(bindir) and Python source script in $(pkglibexecdir)
    Original: 288ba9dccf52397d77483eb7699da6db62c30bb0
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