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    Make LALSUITE_BUILD and LALSUITE_TOP_SRCDIR "precious" throughout LALSuite · 564819dd
    Karl Wette authored
    - Previously these variables were marked as "precious" only in LALApps.
      In particular the value of LALSUITE_BUILD was lost when re-configuring
      any of the LAL libraries, which caused the re-configuring to fail.
    - Defines a new macro LALSUITE_ARG_VAR in lalsuite_build.m4 which declared
      LALSUITE_BUILD and LALSUITE_TOP_SRCDIR "precious", can be used to add
      other variables in future.
    - LALSUITE_ARG_VAR now called at the start of every ./configure.ac, apart
      from the top-level one.
    Original: b5375c31475f086266a9ca90bf6b6a4eec344553
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