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    Move binary orbit parameters into PulsarDopplerParams · 5cd72ed3
    Karl Wette authored
    - one parameter structure for both isolated/binary CW signals
    - no longer need to allocate free memory for *orbit field
    - new convention: asini >  0 --> binary pulsar
                      asini  = 0 --> isolated pulsar
    - PulsarSignalParams, which uses deprecated PulsarSourceParams,
      gets its own inline copy of BinaryOrbitParams fields, to
      ease backward compatibility with GeneratePulsarSignal()
    - otherwise, all codes converted to using binary parameters
      from PulsarDopplerParams
    - removes restriction on binary support from XLALComputeFstat()
    - adapted XML (de)serialisation functions and test
    - add checks on value of 'asini' to a few functions as appropriate
    - passes 'make distcheck'
    - refs #1161
    Original: 6786cc25ba504c2616ffb6c55a7607b6c27269d1
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