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    Add utilities for printing version information to all LAL libraries · ad7d6d73
    Karl Wette authored
    - Use common source file generated from lal/src/version.c.in
    - LAL: rename lal-version to lal_version for consistency with LALApps's
      use of _, and rename lal-simd-detect to lal_simd_detect for consistency
    - LAL: Remove LALVersion.[ch], use XLALPerror() instead of LALVersion()
      in LALSUITE_CHECK_LIB() Autoconf macro calls
    - LALApps: name file version2.c instead of version.c, since changing
      a file which used to be in the source tree to a file generated in
      the build directory can confuse the build system (VPATH, .deps/*.Po)
    - Refs #4801
    Original: a586b5d59398e0366d969446a0d6756d9581f483
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