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    SWIG: add support for Octave 4.2 · ca101df9
    Karl Wette authored
    - Octave 4.2 requires SWIG 3.0.12 (not yet released)
    - Prefer command-line octave-cli to (potentially GUI) octave
    - Check output of `mkoctfile -p CXX` for any flags, e.g. -std=c++11
    - Use Octave CXXFLAGS when checking headers, in case -std=* is present
    - Random.h: _RANDOM_H conflicts with /usr/include/c++/5/bits/random.h (!)
    - SWIGOctave.h:
      - toplev.h is already included by SWIG (and deprecated in Octave 4.2)
      - datevec.length() is deprecated, use datevec.numel() instead
      - Add as_double() and as_single() methods to array views
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