Commit 05af5dd2 authored by Leo Pound Singer's avatar Leo Pound Singer

bayestar_localize_coincs: handle PyCBC found-injections files

These files apparently do not provide any time slide intervals or IDs.
Original: 4f69332b7eb536166d3d94c355c1925e4e45db98
parent f1c2d4c4
......@@ -145,9 +145,9 @@ class coinc_and_sngl_inspirals_for_hdf(collections.Mapping):
if key.startswith(key_prefix)))
coinc_group = coinc_file[sample]
self.timeslide_interval = coinc_file.attrs['timeslide_interval']
self.timeslide_interval = coinc_file.attrs.get('timeslide_interval', 0)
self.template_ids = coinc_group['template_id']
self.timeslide_ids = coinc_group['timeslide_id']
self.timeslide_ids = coinc_group.get('timeslide_id', np.zeros(len(self.template_ids)))
self.trigger_ids = [
coinc_group['trigger_id' + template_num]
for template_num in template_nums]
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