Commit 0f44a08f authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch
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Do NOT select zero lags when we analyse the time slides

Original: b576951ce207a29d0c26291ce602a968ba13823a
parent ba1ec9a6
......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ def get_timeslides_pipedown(database_connection, dumpfile=None, gpsstart=None, g
FROM sngl_inspiral join coinc_event_map on (coinc_event_map.table_name == 'sngl_inspiral' and coinc_event_map.event_id \
== sngl_inspiral.event_id) join coinc_event on (coinc_event.coinc_event_id==coinc_event_map.coinc_event_id) join time_slide\
on (time_slide.time_slide_id == coinc_event.time_slide_id and time_slide.instrument==sngl_inspiral.ifo)\
join coinc_inspiral on (coinc_inspiral.coinc_event_id==coinc_event.coinc_event_id)"
join coinc_inspiral on (coinc_inspiral.coinc_event_id==coinc_event.coinc_event_id) where coinc_event.time_slide_id!='time_slide:time_slide_id:10049'"
if gpsstart is not None:
get_coincs=get_coincs+ ' where sngl_inspiral.end_time+sngl_inspiral.end_time_ns*1e-9 > %f'%(gpsstart)
joinstr=' and '
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