Commit 1016ea43 authored by Adam Mercer's avatar Adam Mercer

Merge branch 'rpe_fix_print' into 'master' fix print statements

Closes #107

See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!503
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......@@ -1278,12 +1278,12 @@ def frame_data_to_hoft(fname, channel, start=None, stop=None, window_shape=0.,
strength over that fraction of each end of the data segment.
if verbose:
print " ++ Loading from cache ", fname, channel
print(" ++ Loading from cache ", fname, channel)
duration = stop - start if None not in (start, stop) else None
tmp = read_timeseries(fname, channel, start, stop - start, verbose=verbose)
print " ++ Frame data sampling rate ", 1./tmp.deltaT, " and epoch ", string_gps_pretty_print(tmp.epoch)
print(" ++ Frame data sampling rate ", 1./tmp.deltaT, " and epoch ", string_gps_pretty_print(tmp.epoch))
# Window the data - N.B. default is identity (no windowing)
hoft_window = lal.CreateTukeyREAL8Window(, window_shape)
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