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Merge branch 'doxygen' into 'master'

Various Doxygen fixes

See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!512
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......@@ -785,8 +785,8 @@ INPUT_ENCODING = UTF-8
*.h \
*.py \
*.dox \
*.i \
# The RECURSIVE tag can be used to specify whether or not subdirectories should
# be searched for input files as well.
......@@ -836,21 +836,26 @@ EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS = UNUSED
# that contain example code fragments that are included (see the \include
# command).
EXAMPLE_PATH = @abs_srcdir@/src \
# If the value of the EXAMPLE_PATH tag contains directories, you can use the
# EXAMPLE_PATTERNS tag to specify one or more wildcard pattern (like *.cpp and
# *.h) to filter out the source-files in the directories. If left blank all
# files are included.
*.h \
*.py \
*.i \
# If the EXAMPLE_RECURSIVE tag is set to YES then subdirectories will be
# searched for input files to be used with the \include or \dontinclude commands
# irrespective of the value of the RECURSIVE tag.
# The default value is: NO.
# The IMAGE_PATH tag can be used to specify one or more files or directories
# that contain images that are to be included in the documentation (see the
......@@ -890,7 +895,7 @@ FILTER_PATTERNS =
# producing the source files to browse (i.e. when SOURCE_BROWSER is set to YES).
# The default value is: NO.
# The FILTER_SOURCE_PATTERNS tag can be used to specify source filters per file
# pattern. A pattern will override the setting for FILTER_PATTERN (if any) and
......@@ -56,12 +56,6 @@
pulsar-specific cross-correlation search.
\defgroup lalpulsar_xml XML Serialization Routines
\brief This package provides routines for serializing pulsar data
structures to and from XML files.
\defgroup lalpulsar_swig SWIG Interfaces
\brief This package provides Octave and Python wrappings of LALPulsar
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