Commit 269d67b1 authored by Soichiro Morisaki's avatar Soichiro Morisaki treat the case where found data is discontinuous... treat the case where found data is discontinuous when reading statevector
parent d2297bdc
......@@ -60,7 +60,8 @@ def findSegmentsToAnalyze(ifo, frametype, state_vector_channel, bits, gpsstart,
if not datacache:
return gwpy.segments.SegmentList([])
flags =
datacache, state_vector_channel, start=gpsstart, end=gpsend
datacache, state_vector_channel, start=gpsstart, end=gpsend,
pad=0 # padding data so that errors are not raised even if found data are not continuous.
# extract segments all of whose bits are active
segments = flags[bits[0]].active
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