Commit 2c5879f2 authored by Karl Wette's avatar Karl Wette
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Merge branch 'knope_fix' into 'master' minor fix to lalapps_knope (known pulsar pipeline)

See merge request !754
parents 4b6e4278 ffbf5b22
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......@@ -440,6 +440,7 @@ class knopeDAG(pipeline.CondorDAG):
self.skipped_pulsars = prevdag.skipped_pulsars
self.processed_files = prevdag.processed_files
else: # if analysing only selected pulsars (from pulsarlist) just get information on them
self.processed_files = {}
for psrl in pulsarlist:
if psrl not in prevdag.analysed_pulsars:
print("Error... specified pulsar '%s' could not be found in previous run pickle file '%s'." % (psrl, preprocessed_pickle))
......@@ -452,7 +453,6 @@ class knopeDAG(pipeline.CondorDAG):
self.modified_pulsars[psrl] = prevdag.modified_pulsars[psrl]
self.analysed_pulsars[psrl] = prevdag.analysed_pulsars[psrl]
self.processed_files = {}
self.processed_files[psrl] = prevdag.processed_files[psrl]
if self.preprocessing_only: # end class initialisation
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