Commit 32f24820 authored by Ian Harry's avatar Ian Harry
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Revert patch that broke short slides

Original: fbb3c7287e8836d32a579bbaf50652f210147065
parent f6d30ee6
......@@ -679,11 +679,11 @@ void coh_PTF_create_time_slide_table(
currBaseIfoOffset[ifoNumber] = currBaseOffset * ifoNum;
/* If the offset is bigger than the stride then this cannot be done*/
/* EDIT: We need to check that the offset is not bigger than the */
/* FIXME: We should check if the offset is not bigger than the */
/* stride minus the BaseOffset, otherwise we can end up with short */
/* slides whose offsets are very similar to the long slides */
if (currBaseIfoOffset[ifoNumber] > \
(params->strideDuration - params->shortSlideOffset) )
(params->strideDuration) )
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