Commit 386671d1 authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch

Remove unused variables

parent 7ea88680
......@@ -1564,10 +1564,8 @@ INT4 LALInferenceNestedSamplingSloppySample(LALInferenceRunState *runState)
LALInferenceVariables oldParams;
/* Single thread here */
LALInferenceThreadState *threadState = runState->threads[0];
LALInferenceIFOData *data=runState->data;
REAL8 tmp;
REAL8 Target=0.3;
char tmpName[320];
REAL8 logLold=*(REAL8 *)LALInferenceGetVariable(threadState->currentParams,"logL");
......@@ -1587,7 +1585,6 @@ INT4 LALInferenceNestedSamplingSloppySample(LALInferenceRunState *runState)
REAL8 logLnew=0.0;
UINT4 sub_iter=0;
UINT4 tries=0;
UINT4 ifo=0;
REAL8 counter=1.;
UINT4 BAILOUT=100*testnumber; /* If no acceptance after 100 tries, will exit and the sampler will try a different starting point */
const char *extra_names[]={"logL","optimal_snr","matched_filter_snr","deltalogL"}; /* Names for parameters to be stripped when sampling prior */
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