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Added function outline for handling array of VariableItems

Original: 8130a3316a468acc0913cbf38d6d30c709c7c99a
parent 47f4465e
......@@ -60,15 +60,38 @@
* \sa XLALCreateVOTParamNode
* \sa XLALCreateVOTResourceNode
* \sa XLALCreateVOTDocumentFromTree
* \author John Veitch\n
xmlNodePtr XLALInferenceVariablesArray2VOTTable(const LALInferenceVariables **varsArray, UINT4 N)
xmlNode *fieldNodeList=NULL;
xmlNode *paramNodeList=NULL;
xmlNode *dataContentNode=NULL;
xmlNode *VOTtableNode=NULL;
/* Build a list of PARAM and FIELD elements */
/* Build array of DATA */
/* Create TABLEDATA node */
/* Create a TABLE from the FIELDs and TABLEDATA nodes */
VOTtableNode= XLALCreateVOTTableNode (
const char *name, /**< [in] optional name attribute to assign to this \c TABLE element (may be NULL) */
xmlNode *fieldNodeList, /**< [in] linked list of \c xmlNodes that are to be assigned as FIELD children */
xmlNode *dataContentNode /**< [in] pointer to xmlNode to be inserted under the \<DATA\> element: TABLEDATA, BINARY or FITS */
/* Attach PARAMs to TABLE node */
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