Commit 4be3326b authored by Jolien Creighton's avatar Jolien Creighton
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changed VIRGO_CITF IFO previx from V1 to V0 to avoid clash with VIRGO

parent 8b600507
......@@ -360,10 +360,11 @@ void LALCreateDetector( LALStatus *status, LALDetector *output, const LALFrDetec
* \name VIRGO_CITF Interferometric Detector constants
* The following constants describe the location and geometry of the
* VIRGO_CITF Interferometric Detector. FIXME: the armlength is a stub.
* FIXME: this IFO is called V0 rather than to avoid name clash.
#define LAL_VIRGO_CITF_DETECTOR_NAME "VIRGO_CITF" /**< VIRGO_CITF detector name string */
#define LAL_VIRGO_CITF_DETECTOR_PREFIX "V1" /**< VIRGO_CITF detector prefix string */
#define LAL_VIRGO_CITF_DETECTOR_PREFIX "V0" /**< VIRGO_CITF detector prefix string */
#define LAL_VIRGO_CITF_DETECTOR_LONGITUDE_RAD 0.18333805213 /**< VIRGO_CITF vertex longitude (rad) */
#define LAL_VIRGO_CITF_DETECTOR_LATITUDE_RAD 0.76151183984 /**< VIRGO_CITF vertex latitude (rad) */
#define LAL_VIRGO_CITF_DETECTOR_ELEVATION_SI 51.884 /**< VIRGO_CITF vertex elevation (m) */
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