Commit 4c5b5ea6 authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch
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lalinference_pipe: Write config file to web directory

Original: 1ee9606ea8fc8c88c5c1dda29a4b51b9f4086c96
parent a7bcce27
......@@ -550,9 +550,13 @@ class LALInferencePipelineDAG(pipeline.CondorDAG):
# Save the final configuration that is being used
# first to the run dir
with open(conffilename,'wb') as conffile:
if self.config.has_option('paths','webdir'):
with open(os.path.join(self.config.get('paths','webdir'),'config.ini'),'wb') as conffile:
# Generate the DAG according to the config given
for event in self.add_full_analysis(event)
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