Commit 4c8f221c authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch
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Merge branch 'memleak_margtime' into 'master'

Fix potential memory leak when using margtime and tempramental waveforms

See merge request !336
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......@@ -627,6 +627,11 @@ static REAL8 LALInferenceFusedFreqDomainLogLikelihood(LALInferenceVariables *cur
case XLAL_EUSR0: /* Template generation failed in a known way, set -Inf likelihood */
/* Free up allocated vectors */
if(dh_S_tilde) XLALDestroyCOMPLEX16Vector(dh_S_tilde);
if(dh_S) XLALDestroyREAL8Vector(dh_S);
if(dh_S_phase_tilde) XLALDestroyCOMPLEX16Vector(dh_S_phase_tilde);
if(dh_S_phase) XLALDestroyREAL8Vector(dh_S_phase);
if ( model->roq->hptildeLinear ) XLALDestroyCOMPLEX16FrequencySeries(model->roq->hptildeLinear);
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