Commit 4e2d1450 authored by Maria Haney's avatar Maria Haney
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Merge branch 'fix-phm-laldict' into 'master'

ensure default lalpars for phenomHM

See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!721
parents b1f2be0c e75c1468
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......@@ -914,6 +914,11 @@ int IMRPhenomDSetupAmpAndPhaseCoefficients(
LALDict *extraParams)
// Make a pointer to LALDict to circumvent a memory leak
// At the end we will check if we created a LALDict in extraParams
// and destroy it if we did.
LALDict *extraParams_in = extraParams;
/* It's difficult to see in the code but you need to setup the
* powers_of_pi.
......@@ -992,6 +997,14 @@ int IMRPhenomDSetupAmpAndPhaseCoefficients(
/* If extraParams was allocated in this function and not passed in
* we need to free it to prevent a leak */
if (extraParams && !extraParams_in) {
} else {
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