Commit 549ece9b authored by Adam Mercer's avatar Adam Mercer 🛌

use 00boot in sub-packages for building sources only

there is no need to use 00boot to build the build system in each
sub-package, this is done by the call to autoreconf
Original: d08b7bd7737d2629eb6456f02ddb94e8ec752f09
parent 49f42bdd
......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@ fail () {
exit 1
## Run 00boot in subdirs
for d in lal lalframe lalmetaio lalburst lalinspiral lalstochastic lalpulsar lalxml lalapps; do
echo "00boot: running 00boot in $d"
(cd "$d" && ./00boot 1>/dev/null) || fail "00boot in $d"
## build sources, where appropriate
for d in lal lalframe; do
echo "00boot: building sources in $d"
(cd "$d" && ./00boot --only-build-sources 1>/dev/null) || fail "00boot in $d"
echo "00boot: running autoreconf"
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