ci: remove disable-laldetchar flag

since we don't need it any more
parent 7351cbd2
......@@ -397,8 +397,7 @@ nightly:macos:elcapitan:
- PYPREFIX=/opt/python/$(echo ${CI_JOB_NAME} | sed 's/.*:\(.*\)-manylinux1/\1/')
# Build wheel
- ./00boot
# FIXME: laldetchar depends on glib >= 2.14, too new for manylinux1
- ./configure PYTHON=${PYPREFIX}/bin/python --enable-mpi --disable-laldetchar ${EXTRA_CONFIG_FLAGS}
- ./configure PYTHON=${PYPREFIX}/bin/python --enable-mpi ${EXTRA_CONFIG_FLAGS}
- make -j4 wheel
# Bundle and fix up dependent shared libraries
- auditwheel repair wheel/*.whl
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