Commit 5706ebef authored by Stanislav Babak's avatar Stanislav Babak

correcting my prev. commit: unused varaible

Original: 5d62c14b79e07d0a45626b40ac2f55fadc27a8b3
parent 25125d4a
......@@ -70,7 +70,8 @@ XLALSimIMREOBCalcSpinPrecFacWaveformCoefficients(
REAL8 aDelta , a2, a3;
/* Combination which appears a lot */
REAL8 m1Plus3eta, m1Plus3eta2, m1Plus3eta3;
REAL8 m1Plus3eta, m1Plus3eta2;
REAL8 UNUSED m1Plus3eta3;
dM2 = 1. - 4. * eta;
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