Commit 58f8a40d authored by Vivien Raymond's avatar Vivien Raymond
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Merge branch 'master' into cbc_bayesian_devel

Original: fbc05a0f4bf3fe5a827cb51df69fc530de490ed2
parents f49e83f4 81f4b92d
......@@ -655,6 +655,11 @@ def hipe_setup(hipeDir, config, ifos, logPath, injSeed=None, dataFind = False, \
for ifo in ifos:
hipecp.set("thinca-2", ifo.lower() + "-veto-file", vetoFiles[ifo][vetoCat])
hipecp.set("thinca-2", "do-veto", "")
elif config.has_option("hipe-arguments","ringdown"):
# add the veto files in the thinca section
for ifo in ifos:
hipecp.set("thinca", ifo.lower() + "-veto-file", vetoFiles[ifo][vetoCat])
hipecp.set("thinca", "do-veto", "")
# add a vetoes section
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