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use -b option to dch for debian packages

the nightly build packages use a prerelease versioning scheme to ensure
that they are a lower version that release builds, this causes a problem
for testing release builds as the version used is less then the release
version and the packaging scripts fail. the use of the -b option to dch
ensure that this is only considered a warning.

this needs to be addressed in a better way but progress needs to be
made now.

[ci skip]
parent 3e9ad153
......@@ -660,7 +660,7 @@ docker:tags:el7:
- export DEBEMAIL=""
- tar xf ${CI_JOB_NAME#level?:deb:}/${TARBALL}
- cd ${PACKAGE}-*
- dch -v ${VERSION}-1 'Rebuilt automatically on CI'
- dch -v ${VERSION}-1 -b 'Rebuilt automatically on CI'
# build packages
- debuild -us -uc -r
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