Commit 5bb7fb2d authored by Leo Pound Singer's avatar Leo Pound Singer

Quote style

Original: 5518e4479a594d6f94ba77c684040a89d7f8b5a3
parent 02a7f3b9
......@@ -347,14 +347,14 @@ def ligolw_sky_map(
# Time and run sky localization.
log.debug('starting computationally-intensive section')
start_time = lal.GPSTimeNow()
if method == "toa_phoa_snr":
if method == 'toa_phoa_snr':
skymap, log_bci, log_bsn = _sky_map.toa_phoa_snr(
min_distance, max_distance, prior_distance_power, gmst, sample_rate,
toas, snr_series, responses, locations, horizons)
skymap = Table(skymap)
skymap.meta['log_bci'] = log_bci
skymap.meta['log_bsn'] = log_bsn
elif method == "toa_phoa_snr_mcmc":
elif method == 'toa_phoa_snr_mcmc':
skymap = emcee_sky_map(
loglargs=(gmst, sample_rate, toas, snr_series, responses, locations,
......@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ def ligolw_sky_map(
xmax=[2*np.pi, 1, max_distance, 1, 2*np.pi, 2 * max_abs_t],
nside=nside, chain_dump=chain_dump, max_horizon=max_horizon * fudge)
raise ValueError("Unrecognized method: %s" % method)
raise ValueError('Unrecognized method: %s' % method)
# Convert distance moments to parameters
distmean = skymap.columns.pop('DISTMEAN')
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