Commit 6ca3b121 authored by Chris Pankow's avatar Chris Pankow
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rapidpe_calc_overl: Remove FIXME

Original: 33333d2cca3ccacac37bfc16a9cb21dd9fd7da9d
parent ef4412a9
......@@ -119,7 +119,6 @@ pts = amrlib.apply_transform(pts, intr_prms, args.distance_coordinates)
tree = BallTree(pts)
# FIXME: add psd
ovrlp = lalsimutils.Overlap(fLow=args.f_low, fMax=2000, deltaF=delta_f, psd=psd, analyticPSD_Q=False)
idx_range = range(args.tmplt_start_index or 0, args.tmplt_end_index or len(tmplt_bank))
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