Commit 703d890a authored by Rory Smith's avatar Rory Smith
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forced ROQ to to use a max srate of 8192 (fmax = 4096).

Only applicable when roq scale factor < 1
Original: 5bf39bc4781ac1d82cb3ca7dbd4a0a4ed8b7c5ac
parent 05b06da5
......@@ -172,6 +172,9 @@ for sampler in samps:
flow=int(roq_params[roq]['flow'] / roq_mass_freq_scale_factor)
srate=int(2.*roq_params[roq]['fhigh'] / roq_mass_freq_scale_factor)
if srate > 8192:
srate = 4096
seglen=int(roq_params[roq]['seglen'] * roq_mass_freq_scale_factor)
# params.dat uses the convention q>1 so our q_min is the inverse of their qmax
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