Commit 70e6531e authored by Adam Mercer's avatar Adam Mercer
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Revert "attempt to fix AS_VAR_COPY problem (missing on older autoconf)"

This reverts commit 6108a180cacbb769a7b7c2f77df499b649854a28.
Original: a8f1a7f7beed35249c1c1d916a6502745eb1fa75
parent fc3563d2
......@@ -22,13 +22,6 @@
# configuration script generated by Autoconf, you may include it under
# the same distribution terms that you use for the rest of that program.
# compatibility with older autoconf versions
[AS_LITERAL_IF([$1[]$2], [$1=$$2], [eval $1=\$$2])])])
# ----------------------------------
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