Commit 73414d7f authored by Matthew David Pitkin's avatar Matthew David Pitkin
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Another minor Python 3 fix

parent e139c92e
......@@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ parameters = ['f0rot', 'ra', 'dec'] # a list of pulsar parameters to output (def
datastyle = "border-bottom:1px solid #000" # style for first value
for ol in outputlims:
if ol[-2:] == 'UL': # if value is an upper limit add credible region
cr = resultsdata.values()[0][ifo]['Upper limits']['credible region']
cr = list(resultsdata.values())[0][ifo]['Upper limits']['credible region']
restable.adddata(paramhtmldict[ol].format(cr), dataclass=dataclass, datastyle=datastyle, header=True)
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