Commit 7454ce9c authored by Matthew David Pitkin's avatar Matthew David Pitkin
Browse files fix units on outputs

Original: 58d766cc729f20c0e81f05c7f3efbfd62b4c036c
parent 0a144d57
......@@ -56,10 +56,10 @@ paramlatexdict = {'H0': '$h_0$',
'PMDEC': 'proper motion $\delta$ (rad/s)',
'PMDC': 'proper motion $\delta$ (rad/s)',
'A1': '$a \sin{i}$ (lt s)',
'PB': 'Period (days)',
'PB': 'Period (s)',
'T0': '$T_0$ (s)',
'TASC': '$T_{\\textrm{asc}}$ (s)',
'OM': '$\omega_0$ (deg)',
'OM': '$\omega_0$ (rad)',
'PBDT': '$\dot{P}$ (s/s)',
'PBDOT': '$\dot{P}$ (s/s)',
'GAMMA': '$\gamma$',
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