Commit 7992855f authored by Ian Harry's avatar Ian Harry

Add support for format-2 NR waveforms

Original: fe54206246344623325e4838faf1639235feecad
parent 318f9ba0
......@@ -223,6 +223,8 @@ int XLALSimInspiralNRWaveformGetSpinsFromHDF5File(
REAL8 *S2x, /**< [out] Dimensionless spin2x in LAL frame */
REAL8 *S2y, /**< [out] Dimensionless spin2y in LAL frame */
REAL8 *S2z, /**< [out] Dimensionless spin2z in LAL frame */
REAL8 fRef, /**< Reference frequency */
REAL8 mTot, /**< Total mass */
const char *NRDataFile /**< Location of NR HDF file */
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